Capiter is a payment method that offers on-demand cashflow solutions

Capiter pays suppliers immediately for the sales of their goods to their business buyers & collects the payments from their buyers with flexible payment plans.

  • Suppliers instantly convert their sales into cash and eliminate their collection & credit risk  Read more

  • Buyers access the needed credit to grow their business & increase their purchases, without borrowing or extra capital  Read more


Capiter Pay on-demand credit solutions offer business buyers credit on their purchases

How to Capiter Pay?


Select your Capiter Pay flexi-plan


Order & receive your goods from the vendor


Pay later to Capiter after selling your goods

Capiter Pay benefits

Save your capital, cost of goods

& improve your cash flow

Grow your business without borrowing or extra capital

Increase your profit without increasing your expenses


Capiter Vend on-demand settlement solutions offer suppliers timely settlement on their sales

How to Capiter Vend?


Apply for Capiter Vend


Deliver your goods to your business buyers


Receive your payment from Capiter on time

Capiter Vend benefits

Convert your sales into immediate cash

Eliminate your collection & credit risks

Grow your sales by empowering your buyers to buy more