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Capiter is a B2B marketplace that brings together FMCGs, wholesalers, and merchants on one platform, enabling merchants to order their products through an eCommerce checkout and receive credit on their purchases. Currently, it is serving over 30.000 merchants and 150+ FMCGs and wholesalers with a team of close to 100 people.

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Our Story

Egypt’s $100B+ market, with half of this being FMCG, has over 500.000 underserved merchants. Capiter’s platform offers them a reliable and convenient solution for their daily purchases in a few clicks. It also improves distributors' reach and brings fair pricing and transparency to the market.

Capiter’s main goal is to become the one-stop-shop for merchants across different industries offering 3 solutions; Ordering, Credit, and Payments.


Access to Data

Direct Access to Merchants

Access to Rural Areas

Limited Visibility on Supply Chain

Fraud Detection



Access to Merchants

Access to Financing

Lower Margins

Working Capital Challenges

Offline Trade Behaviour

High Cost


Access to Financing

Product Range

Product Availability

Limited Access to FMCG Promotions

Chaotic Sales Channels

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Capiter Solutions


    Sales Coverage and Reach Rural Sales Areas


    Merchants Behavior and Digitalize Wholesalers 


    Invoicing Cycle, Cash Collection Process, Promotions and Ordering Process

Market Challenges


    Digital ordering and digital access to financing


    Same day approval and introducing new products


    Fair pricing and better product offering

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